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Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

Microsoft Azure Administration Training Course is a step-by-step training course which is developed by certified professionals with 10 years of experience. It will help you to become a certified expert with various expertise on Azure Cloud platform for designing and provisioning projects for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Server, Micro-service apps, design, deploy and maintain a network solution with Hyper V, Storage, and SQL and other products.

Nowadays, organizations are rapidly moving towards the cloud and there is increasing demand for the Azure Training Course in India.  The reason is simple – Microsoft Azure Platform is its cloud computing platform and provides a range of cloud services which includes compute, analytics, storage and networking. Machine are divided into cloud service and they respond to the same domain name with several ports but AWS has VPC. This article will guide you about how to get admin training through the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform in India.

Microsoft Azure Administration Training Course is a fast paced training program that will give you the ability to manage and administer the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. If you are interested in cloud computing, then this course will be the answer for you.

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    About Course

    Microsoft Azure Administration Training Course covers the most critical functions that are included in this course and how you can use them. There are many tutorials available, but we believe that this one has all that is required for students to understand better about why and how these functions work.

    With the help of this IT certification, you will be able to command total responsibility of your workloads by configuring administration, Windows desktop applications and building cloud solutions. Security, compliance and efficiency need to go the Microsoft Azure. It’s no surprising that because Microsoft Azure offers one of the more flexible sets of certifications. Across every major industry and government.


    Course Syllabus

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    We’ll provide a real world simulation of cloud and associated technologies. You’ll be job ready when you leave this course.

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