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Azure Security Technologies ( AZ-500 )

The demand for cyber security professionals has never been higher and is only set to increase further as the number of threats increase. To remain ahead of these threats, a solid understanding of today’s cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies is essential. Azure Security Technologies ( AZ-500 ) Course Training provides an in-depth look at all the latest and greatest security features offered by Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. 

Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) is a certification designed for IT professionals who want to develop and improve their security skill set with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It covers how to identify security risks, secure applications, data, and identity solutions in a Microsoft Azure environment. This course provides an intensive set of technical skills for developing solutions that accelerate intake and resilience capabilities.

Completing this exam will measure your ability to create and manage hybrid networking; design core networking infrastructure; design and implement routing; secure and monitor networks; and design and implement private access to Azure services.


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    About Course

    The AZ-500 course starts off by introducing learners to the various security layers involved in Azure, including the different layers of cloud computing and the secure development lifecycle. Learners will be able to recognize threats and opportunities associated with each layer so they can successfully secure resources on Azure throughout their life cycle.

    With the help of this IT certification, you will command total responsibility for your workloads by configuring Azure Network Administration and building cloud solutions.

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    Course Syllabus

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